Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rainforest Alliance in the Wall Street Journal

The Rainforest Alliance and Tensie Whelan - its executive director - were featured in the Wall Street Journal on October 3rd. The article can be found here.

The article's author goes on a shopping tour with Tensie at the Union Square Whole Foods market, where she helps demystify the varied and ubiquitous terms we see everyday - from the more substantiated 'fair trade' and 'USDA 100% organic' - to the vaguer 'whole grains' and 'heart healthy.' And of course, she pointed out the Rainforest Alliance's iconic 'blue frog' located on many products, from chocolate to coffee to fruit. Ms. Whelan also noted the Rainforest Alliance's multiple recent victories, from signing on Lipton, which buys 12% of the world's tea, to certifying the first sustainable cattle program.

Even The Wall Street Journal had be impressed by that.

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