Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mother Jones: An Environmentally Friendly Magazine

I love when Overbrook’s human rights grantees and environment grantees overlap, whether it is inadvertent or not! Recently, the magazine Mother Jones, a grantee from the Foundation’s human rights program which receives support for its human rights coverage and for the expansion of the magazine’s use of social media, proved that yes, even a magazine can be green. Earlier this week, Green America announced that Mother Jones won a top honor in the 2011 Aveda Environmental Awards for Magazines. Specifically, Mother Jones won in the Best Paper/Printing and Best Overall Environmental Commitment categories. According to Green America, the award “recognizes magazines with exemplary achievement in printing practices, distribution, and overall commitment.”

Many of those in the know may be aware that Mother Jones has been at the forefront of green printing and business practices for decades. For example, the magazine currently prints on a number of brands endorsed by the Better Paper Product, which pays close attention to recycled content, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Also, according to the press release announcing the award, Mother Jones’ printer, Quad/Graphics uses EnviroTech offset ink which is compromised of 27.3 percent renewable oils such as soy, linseed, and corn.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund's paper calculator, Mother Jones' green methods translate to: 576 tons less wood, 1961 million BTUs less net energy, 67,546 pounds CO2 equivalent less GHG, 1,589,272 gallons less wastewater , 176,757 pounds less solid waste

It is comforting to know that its greenness does not stop with the printed page either. Mother Jones has also been active in the green community by sponsoring several sustainability conferences like LOHAS, Bioneers, and the Green Festival. They also participate in a program that promotes using recycling paper throughout the publishing industry.

Also, it is definitely worth noting that Mother Jones was the only magazine that publishes a print edition that was able to take home an award! To read the full press release from Mother Jones, and read more about its environmentally friendly practices, click here.